About Me

The Author

Hi! My name is Joana, the girl behind Miss Known. I’m a gamer who drinks tea, crafts in part-time, obsesses over Youtubers and daily vlogging, procrastinates while watching films and TV Series, doesn’t sleep without reading a book and, in between, writes blog posts. I started blogging because of the need to talk about a few topics I don’t have in common with any of my friends. And when we don’t find people next to our home there is always the Internet to change that. Therefore, email me or send a message to my Twitter or Instagram and let’s have a chat! I already am shy so there is no need for both of us be!


The Blog

The blog started off in 2015 by the name Black Leaves Tea Blog. Because I wasn’t happy about the name and theme anymore, it was time to get self-hosted and turn this hobby into something more professional/serious. And so it borns Miss Known. My very own place on the internet. The name was the hardest part since my blog posts are little parts of myself. I could I describe, in few words, such unique and unrelatable treats? My name. It isn’t new to the blogosphere, lifestyle blogs have the same name as their owners. Although, considering my full name isn’t quite english-speakers-friendly why not translate it? My last name is Sabido which is the conjugations of the verb “saber” (to know) in the Past Participle. Came on grammar you are just making my life easier! The only thing that was left was to come up with a first name. Since Joana Known would be strange, Miss Known sounds just perfect.

So if you love crafting, cooking, reading, nature, travel, and photography this is probably the place to visit. I hope every time you read something in here you leave smiling, happy or inspired to create.