12 Crafty Days: Snowflake Cork Coasters

Today is officially the first day of Winter. Even though, we start to celebrate it sooner thanks to Christmas. And since we are 3 days away from Christmas Eve, I think is starting to becoming a bit later for making DIYs especially for this joyful season. So I came up with a winter DIY. It still great to use to decorate the table, but the idea is to use it long before Christmas. It’s a wintery decoration, you don’t have to put down after the 25th.

The last time I did coasters was autumn themed and this time I decided to make the same but with winter. Slowly this is becoming seasonal coasters series and if so I already have an idea for spring. Without further ado let’s get’s started!


Cork sheet 3 mm thick
Acrylic Paint (Dark and Light Blue)
Hobby Knife
Brush (size 4 or less and a foam one)

Step 1. Print the PDF and cut out the shapes. I find very helpful to use needles to keep the shape in place while you trace it with a marker for the cork sheet. Cut out with a sharped hobby knife.

Step 2. Paint the back side of the snowflake with a dark blue colour and let it dry. Later paint all the sides of the shape. Put on movie or Youtube video because you’re going to take a while. Do the same for all the shapes.

Tip: I didn’t make the coasters in this order. I started painting with the light blue before doing the sides and I accidentally painted the top so I had to do another layer. For saving paint and time don’t do the same mistake as I did and remember to paint the sides before going any further.

Step 3. Once it’s completely dried, paint the top with the light blue colour with the foam brush. If you tap the brush instead of doing strokes you’re less likely to end up with paint on the sides. Once it’s dry is ready to use.

For moments I thought of working more on the top of the coasters. Adding, for example, other shades of blue, but since it takes so much time to paint the sides, I didn’t want to spend an entire day to paint just six coasters and I’m sure you don’t want it to. So I kept it simple. Now I can put my autumn coasters aside and use these ones for the next 3 months until spring starts. Hope you’re having a great time and

Merry Christmas!