12 Crafty Days: Gift Wrapping Box with Lid

When it comes to patterns and colours I’m really fussy and when I’m making stuff I’m even fussier. I like everything to be perfect or, at least, as neat as possible. Clean cuts and perfect fits are my heavens and so when I was wrapping my fake Christmas gifts I also wanted to add some boxes with lids to the mixture. But since I just ended up switching the colour of the box, it wasn’t any “magical” transformation from what appears to be a closed box into one that you could reuse. The box was made to be reused from the start. So I wasn’t creating something new, I was just giving it a new clean face.

Instead, this is a DIY in how to gift wrapping boxes with lids when you don’t find the right pattern/colour or you don’t want to spend a crazy amount of money in just one box. So grab your wrapping paper, get that Christmas gift that is a nightmare to wrap and let’s get our hands on it.


Wrapping paper

Step 1. Cut out two pieces of paper one for the lid and the other one for the bottom of the box. You’ll need enough paper to wrap around and still bring a bit inside.

Step 2. Line down with a pencil the shape of the base and then bring those lines until the end of the paper. Then draw a diagonal line for each corner and cut it.

Step 3. Glue the base of the box to the paper. Then lay the box on the side and mark the height. Do the same in every one. Then cut out one of the triangular corners from each side and remember to always be the same one. For example, I cut out the left. While on the opposite corner, cut out just the upper bit so the triangle has the same height as the box.

Step 4. Start by applying glue only on the diagonals that will make the corners. Make sure the paper in stretched and in place but only glue the triangles. Once it’s done you can now apply glue to the rest of it and also fold the paper in. While folding in you might have to do little cuts to adjust and make sure it folds nicely.

Step 5. Do the same for the lid and you’re done. If you want, grab some tissue paper, decorative scissors and cut a few strips of paper to fill up the box. Now is ready to add some presents!

Merry Christmas!