12 Craft Days: Star Napkin Rings

I was planning on doing a few giant paper stars to put up on my grey wall to give some fun to the room. I didn’t want to write a post about it since it’s just folding a piece of paper and attach it to the wall. But then I didn’t get around to doing it. It wasn’t a priority and it got pushed away to the back. Although I didn’t want to spend this year without doing a few of these stars. Then I remembered I had to do some napkin rings since my parents are hosting Christmas at our house. What if I merged both ideas? And so it was born star napkin rings.

Two years ago when my parents hosted Christmas at our house, I decorated the napkins with some cinnamon sticks. If you never did it, you have to try. It leaves an amazing and wintery smell at the table and I had to repeat it again this year. So instead of closing the star, I left one side open to be able to place some cinnamon sticks and rosemary. In the end, this DIY turned out really quick and easy to do.


Hobby Knife

Step 1. Print out the PDF with the stars on the back of the cardstock so the lines stay on the inside. Then cut them out.

Step 2. Start by folding the tabs and each side that will make the star in 3D. Here you can find the tutorial I used since it’s simple and well explained. So instead of you having me here rambling about on how to do it, just go to the blog and share some love.

Step 3. Apply glue on the tabs and press it down on another piece of cardstock. Once it’s dried, cut it out. If you notice one of the sides doesn’t have tabs, so cut that side out as well.

Step 4. Cut out a strip of cardstock with 16 cm by 2 cm. Glue both ends on the back of the star.

I’ll be posting my dining table set up in a few days and you’ll be able to check out how I end up using this stars napkin rings. Hope you’re having fun and making the most of this time of the year.

Merry Christmas!