12 Books Till Christmas: A Christmas Carol

Reading Challenge: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens  Total pages read: 339/126

23rd December

We are so close to Christmas, it’s unbelievable. Also, this means I only have two days to finish 3 books. How am I going to manage that? Oh well, one day at a time. I’ve been reading the entire day and using every break from cooking to get as much done as I can. From one hand, I would want to just keep reading to accomplish my goal, but Christmas is just once a year and I don’t want to leave my mother alone in the kitchen. So as far as I keep organized everything is possible. Later today, I have to go out for a birthday dinner so until then I have to read as much as I can.

Since A Christmas Carol, it’s a small book I decided to left it for tomorrow. I’m sure I can easily finish after dinner while making time for the midnight. At this point, my biggest challenge is finishing Welcome to Rosie Hopkins’ Sweet Shop of Dreams. I still have 250 pages to go and I haven’t been reading it in these past days. And today I don’t have the time to pick it up. Well, tomorrow is going to be a full day.

Pages Read: 64

24th December

Yesterday dinner was great. Is from nights like that that I’m happy to have the friend I have. We just get together around a table and have a great time. When I got back I wasn’t actually tired so I read a few more pages of Winter Wonderland. To be honest, this is not looking good for me. Reading before sleeping helped a lot but I still have 40 pages left. Although, I still have A Christmas Carol and Welcome to Rosie Hopkins’ Sweet Shop of Dreams to finish. My mother already told me I’m not going to make it and unfortunately, I’m starting to believe her. I don’t want to believe in that, not yet. After dinner, I’ll know for sure but right now I want to believe it’s possible.

New Update: Winter Wonderland is checked and also A Christmas Carol. Although I know that I can’t finish 250 pages until midnight. As I said a few days back I’m not mad at myself and don’t even consider this readathon a failure. I’ve read a total of 11 and a half books. I discover great stories, authors, and spend more time reading in a week than I usually do in a month. I can’t say I’ll be missing reading this much because right now I’m in need of a break. I also have some vlogmas to watch back and two jigsaw puzzles I’m dying to get my hands on.

Hope you have a merry and lovely Christmas and we’ll talk soon on Boxing Day.

Pages Read: 275