12 Books Till Christmas: The List

Reading Challenge: The List by Joanna Bolouri Β  Total pages read: 400/400

5th December

As planned last night I started reading The List. I didn’t fully realise what this book was actually about, but it actually doesn’t bother me at all. So far I’m loving Phoebe, the main character, and this book sounds like a big journey. As I thought, it’s not as fast past as We Were Liars, but is funny and hard to put down. The book is told in diary form so instead of having chapters you have days, this reminds me of Piper Perish, actually. I still have to buy that book since the story sounds so nice and it surrounds an artistic main character that I love.

I was reading until 2 in the morning when American Pie 2 started on TV. I had to watch it and it couldn’t be in more appropriate time. I think if you enjoy the type of humour and all the sex-related talk in the movie series you will like this book. It’s funny and not cringy at all.

This morning I was starting to get hooked on it again and since I have today’s post to edit (you can find it here) I had to redefine my priorities. Oh boy, I just want to jump back in Phoebe story and see what she is up to this time.

Pages Read: 277

6th December

I ended up reading again until 2 am because I don’t want to put down this book. The story is so captivating, immersive and real that you just want to keep reading. Although I could easily stay up all night and finish it, but sleeping is also important.

It’s halfway through the afternoon and I’ve already finished reading The List and write down my thought for later do a review. If on the last post I said I found one of my favourite books this is the number two. I can’t believe how realistic this book was. It really was a crazy ride and I’m so glad I pick this up. You get so caught up in the story that it feels like you’ve been reading for days or even weeks. And when I think back on Carmilla, it looks like I read it last month. This is the downside of doing a big readathon and why after reading Allegiant I didn’t want any series for a while. I’m binge-reading books, one after the other, literally. It’s great putting reading as my priority for a change and if I’m enjoying the book I don’t want to put it down anyway, although this makes me forget them more easily.

I was this excited after finishing a book 2 days ago with We Were Liars as if you couldn’t tell, but now I don’t even think about it for a second. I almost forgot everything I’ve read – I mean not everything – like if I’ve read it two months ago. I still remember the big parts but all the excitement and mindblowing is long gone. I didn’t let that book sit and stay for too long in my head which made me lose some bits of information to my subconscious. Only if I start slowly thinking about it is when I start to remember. Now I’m feeling sad because I’ll be picking up an Agatha Christie story and the same thing will happen with The List. I don’t want to throw this book to the back of my head and only remember it when hearing about Bridget Jones. If you read it you’ll understand.

Pages Read: 123