12 Books Till Christmas: Rosie Hopkins’ Sweet Shop

Reading Challenge: Welcome to Rosie Hopkins’ Sweet Shop of Dreams by Jenny Colgan  Total pages read: 190/468

9th December

Woody Allen once said “If you want to make God Laugh tell him about your plans” which is the perfect descriptions of my life. Actually, it should be on my bio “never goes as planned”. I can’t get a break and that’s why I usually don’t make them or at least don’t tell Him. I was looking forward to challenging myself as never before and read a 500 pages book in one day. For some people, it doesn’t seem like a lot but for me it is. So I delayed starting reading this book early for this purpose. Why did I have to have this crazy idea? Why do I keep trying these things when the universe is clearly “Nope! Not today!”

Ah! And what about that idea of not only reading an entire book but also a short story. Oh, please don’t make me laugh! Sometimes my brain is so funny. I couldn’t even read half of the book neverminding the short story. I never took it out of the shelf. Oh well, now that the mess is done let’s just hope I can catch up tomorrow. Probably not!

Pages Read: 91

10th December

This weekend has been a total challenge. For a change, the TV was broadcasting good movies and I couldn’t resist. We are in the 21st century but I still prefer watching the programs at the time they are being aired. So I faced a real dilemma. Reading or TV. At first, I tried to combine both, but it doesn’t work. I had a due date for the book so I should put it as my priority although forcing myself to read I was going to lose interest in the book. So I faced the truth and face that I wasn’t going to finish this book until the end of the day.

Despite my disappointment, I can’t be mad at myself for long. I’m reading and I’m enjoying it so much. Yes, I’m sad I failed the deadline but at the same time, it means I can take a little more time with it, which I’m very glad. Welcome to Rosie Hopkins’ Sweet Shop of Dreams it’s a great surprise. I wasn’t expecting at all a story like this. The whole book tastes like a hard candy that you slowly savour and smile every time you feel that sweet flavour. Jenny Colgan recommends getting a bag of sweets while reading the book and I can’t agree more. For my biggest surprise, part of the story is set in the 40’s and I love a good old days tale.

The writing style is also different from any other English book I ever read, and I’m looking forward to studying this book later. I actually have so much to learn from this, that for sure I’m going to reread it next year. Also, that way I can refresh my memory for reading the second book for the next Christmas.

Pages Read: 99