12 Books Till Christmas: The Mirror Crack’d From Side to Side

Reading Challenge: The Mirror Crack’d From Side to Side by Agatha Christie Β  Total pages read: 32/251

11th December

After been reading for almost two weeks straight is starting to make the first victims. First was Welcome To Rosie Hopkins’ Sweet Shop of Dreams and my 12 Crafty Days are starting to make me a hostage, so I didn’t read anything today. This also included the Miss Marple story. I want to be reading but at the same time, I have other things to do. Since the beginning of the month, I’ve read a total of 1240 pages and it’s more than I usually read per month. Even if I called off the readathon at this point I would still be pleased with myself for how much I’ve read. Not going to do it though. I still want to get to the Christmassy books. Maybe tomorrow I can focus on the book and finish it in time. I don’t want to leave another book unfinished. I already have Jenny’s book to read, I don’t want to keep collecting books to finish until the 24th.

Pages Read: 22

12th December

Change of plans! In my mind, I kept this possibility open for changing my TBR at any time. I tried to avoid it but I think is for the best. This morning I was minding my own business reading The Mirror Crack’d From Side to Side when I realized it was 250 pages long. If I tried to read it quickly and focus on it I probably could, but do I really want to do it? I was actually enjoying much more this story otherwise the previous one (They Do It With Mirrors) and then I started to think if I wanted to speed up while reading this book or actually take my time and enjoy it. My point with this readathon is not just to say I read 12 books is to enjoy those books and read more than I usually do. If I wasn’t doing this readathon first half of this books wouldn’t be in my TBR and I would miss out on great stories – I’m thinking of you The List – and second, the books that I already owned would still sit on my shelf for an eternity without being read. So is a double winning, clear out my TBR pile and read new and exciting stories.

Then I make a decision I would stop reading The Mirror Crak’d From Side to Side for now, probably not pick it up for the rest of the readathon and change it for the novella I was going to read on Saturday, Silent Night by Mary Higgins Clark. The story is 91 pages long which should be a piece of cake and is set at Christmas time which goes a long way with the theme.

Novellas are great, especially if they are mysteries. Everything is happening all at once and you don’t get those down moments of character building, it’s just the crime. Although it doesn’t mean you don’t get to know the characters, you just know what is essential for the story. A few months back, I came across with this lady, Mary Higgins Clark, and was interested in reading any of her books. The woman has 51 published novels and they are all New York Times Bestsellers, not everyone can be wrong about her work. She must have something that captivates the readers and I don’t know what, only that she got me. I still own another novella from her that I plan to pick up maybe at the beginning of the next year.

Pages Read: 101