12 Book Till Christmas: Almost Midnight

Reading Challenge: Almost Midnight by Rainbow Rowell  Total pages read: 164/144

15th December

I’m still loling pretty hard right now. The end of Kindred Spirits was great. It was genius!! And it was the most appropriate reading of the week since another Star Wars movie just came out. This is the only Rainbow Rowell book I’ve read since Fangirl and I’ve missed her. I’ve missed her writing and how she could make me smile, laugh and have all the feelings. I’m also been facing a huge dilemma about buying Carry On or not. I’m not the biggest fan of fantasy and I’m afraid to buy it and then end up not liking it at all. Although, one thing just started to convince me “Simon Snow is the worst chosen one who’s ever been chosen”. This is the first line of the synopsis and if the book is going to be funny I’m up for that, I don’t care if it’s fantasy or not if it makes me laugh I know I’m going to enjoy myself.

I have to take a moment to talk about the cover. The book is small but the cover is beautiful. It’s festive, shiny and all the glitter looks amazing and it doesn’t go everywhere. Usually, everything that has a glitter leaves marks wherever it goes but not this book. Oh no, this one you can touch it, rub it that none of the glitters will come out. And this, ladies and gents, is a cover well done. I can’t stop looking at it and touching it, but even better are the illustrations. It’s the cutest thing ever! My favourite is when Gabe and Elena are sitting in the theatre with the movie about to start. The expressions are great and you can really see all the excitement on their faces exactly how a real fan would be for the premiere a Star Wars movie. For me, Simini Blocker does the best illustrations when it comes to Rainbow stories. I’m really fussy about fan art but Simini just got my heart.

Pages Read: 144

16th December

At first, I was planning to use today to read more of Welcome to Rosie Hopkins’ Sweet Shop of Dreams, but I also have to do some Christmas shopping so I’m probably not going to read much. I’m almost halfway and I need to go buy a bag of sweets to eat while reading. I need to get the full experience. I’m also going to a music show tonight so if I’m going to read anything is going to be before. Maybe just a chapter or two.

Pages Read: 20