12 Books Till Christmas: Carmilla

Reading Challenge: Carmilla by J. Sheridan Le Fanu   Total pages read: 152/152

1st December

Well, today was the busiest day of the year. I left home to go shopping at 9 a.m. Came back to edit, end any detail I had to do to be able to publish the first post of December and to “decorate” the blog. Oh… and decorate my own house. My plans to read the entire book on the first-day went flushing down the toilet. I spend about 1 hour and 30 minutes all thanks to the evenings. If I haven’t started in the first hours of the day, I would be much more worried to complete this challenge.

Pages Read: 61

2nd December

Just my luck! Every time I try to set a goal the universe is like “Nope!”. Today was hard. For moments, I really thought I was going to fail in my first book. And it isn’t one of the biggest! I wasn’t feeling well and spend most of the day in bed. Later in the afternoon, when I was better and filled with energy to finish the book, Zoella published the first vlogmas of the year. I’m sorry but I couldn’t wait. I stopped everything I was doing to watch it. It’s like one of those things that it can wait but you just don’t want to. Although I was 50 pages away from accomplishing my goal and no plans for the rest of the day. Unless I was really lazy, I was going to finish the book with time to spare. And I did.

After reading for 3 (not-so-straight) hours I finished Carmilla and gave it 4 stars. I did a small review on Goodreads if you want to read it. Basically, I found this book refreshing and way from all the Twilight clichè. It takes a different approach to vampires from what I’ve ever read or heard of. The book is told through letters and I think it helps to create the Victorian environment. It isn’t the best vampire story, but it’s one that I’m glad I read.

Since the day isn’t over, I’m going to pick up next We Were Liars by E. Lockhart.

Pages read: 91