Homeware Inspiration for a Reading Nook

I love to be surrounded by pretty things. Actually, who doesn’t?! So, I thought it would be nice to share a few picks to get you inspired and also to inspire myself for a cute little reading nook. My goal is to create a happy place where I can feel inspired, cosy, creative, and happy.

I’ve managed to clear up a room in my house to create my office/craft room space. The entire room is – and will be – a work in progress until I’m satisfied with how it looks – which is going to take FOREVER. Meaning, I can do more of these posts since I’ll be searching endlessly for more decor and inspiration. YAYH!

As every other blogger, I want the room to be especially Pinterestic and also super Instagramable, respecting the basic color scheme I’ve chosen. One of the walls is in a blueish grey tone in contrast with my white shelves, where I store my book collection – the reason why my reading nook is going to be in this room. The floor, despite beautiful, is in a dark wood colour which gives me even more willing to add lighter colours. I can’t say I have a favourite colour, but I do know I love every pale shade.

So first colour: pale blue. It goes very well with the grey and is known for being associated with calm and relaxation. Perfect for reading time!

Second: pale pink. The girliest of the colours. I’m not a huge fan of it but a few little things here and there won’t hurt anyone.

Third: green. The only colour that doesn’t require be pale if it comes from plants, lots and lots of plants. If I’m not careful I’ll end up with a greenhouse.

Coming up with this post, I’ve tried to stay inside this colour scheme but in reality, I felt the need for something to pop. The yellow seemed appropriate, according to the arriving season and it goes really great when contrasting with the grey. The golds couldn’t be left out. As most of the people, I love shiny things and gold is a must-have. Actually, my phone is in a golden shade, a strange one but it is. More recently, I’m trying to add more geometric decor into the room, so I had to grab this opportunity to pick a couple of bits and bobs.

  1. Glass Plant Mister from Urban Outfitters
  2. Lotus shaped Candle Holder from Zara Home
  3. Round Coffee Table from Made
  4. Accent Chair from Made
  5. Wooden Ampersand from Zara Home
  6. Light Green Vase from Ikea
  7. Mug from Anthropologie
  8. Glass Vase from Urban Outfitters
  9. Yellow-Ochre Cushion from Zara Home
  10. Ceramic Fox from Anthropologie
  11. Pink/Yellow Throw from Dunelm
  12. Geometric Gold Hanging Planter from Urban Outfitters

Hope you like it!