Pom Pom Key-chain DIY

Lately, I’ve been sharing with you a few DIYs for Key-chain mostly inspired by earrings on Pinterest. It all started to be one post with 3 different crafts, but since I’m such a rambler and want to get every little tiny detail right it would end up with a huge post. So I had to break it down into 3 parts. I promise you this is the last key-chain and I won’t be doing another one in the nearest future. If you would like to know more about this whole story go read the first DIY I did the triple tassel. Or if you want to recycle/reuse old jewellery the Not Another Tassel Key-chain post is perfect.

One of the things I was carefully planning was to make sure all three DIYs were easy – not too complicated hopefully – and affordable. I own a fair amount of beads and to be honest I need to get rid off some since they are from those kits we give to children so they can make their own accessories – so you can imagine how old they are. Therefore, the quality of the beads isn’t the best either, but I also don’t have the guts to throw them away. It’s better to use them on something for myself – a key-chain in this case – than to gift it and ends up breaking or gets damaged in some way. Also, they can be considered as tests for later buy quality beads and do some really nice accessories.


Beads in 3 different colours (black, baby pink, and white)
Embroidery Needle
Clear Beading Cord
Yarn (white)
Pom Pom Maker size 3,5cm
Lobster Claws Clasps

Note: Do you see that little box of various coloured beads in the left upper corner? Well, I had to scavenge through them to separate the colours I wanted to use for this project. It took me an hour or more to do so until I gave up and said to myself that probably was enough. So if you want to adapt this craft and add more beads fell free to do it. I didn’t because I was starting to lose my mind between so much colour. Also, the same thing is valid for the colour scheme. From that mess, those were the tree I’ve liked the most.

Step 1. Cute 8 pieces of the beading cord about the same size. I use a total of 25 beads on each string which ends up to be 8cm long. So you want to cut the strings longer to be able to work comfortably. In my case, if you can see in the pics mine was cut too short because I was running out of cord and it was hard to tie the knots at the end.

Advice: If you use a cord size closed to the size of the hole of the beads you only need to tie one knot in the end of the string to make sure the beads won’t go away.

Note: Make sure to use a thin cord because when you tie all of them together the knot will have some volume. Although if you want to use a slightly larger cord don’t trim the pom pomto much so you have enough yarn volume to cover up the knot. The same is valid if you want to do more then 8 strings.

Step 2. Align all the strings in one end and tie them all together in a really tight knot. Then separate one string from the others and with the help of the needle start adding the beads.

Step 3. Start with four black beads and then one pink. Next two black ones and one pink, followed by one black and two pinks. Then one black again and four pinks. So the transition from the black to the pink is done. Now you can repeat the same amount with the pink and white beads. Although I forgot to add another pink and white beads to the sequence to make it the same as the back one. And only realized it in the end. So next I did one white, two pinks, one white, one pink and four whites. Which makes a total of 25 beads.

To recap: 4 black, 1 pink, 2 black, 1 pink, 1 black, 2 pink, 1 black, 4 pink, 1 white, 2 pink, 1 white, 1 pink, 4 white.

Note: If you wish to make the “legs” longer the better. In fact, it will make the transition for the other colours great. You can simply add more than 4 beads and it already will look different.

Step 4. Don’t forget to tie a knot in the end! And then repeat the same sequence in the other strings. Once you’re done cut all excess string and put it aside.

Note: Also trim a bit of the top knot strings since you don’t need that much and once you are joining with the pom pom it will help to cover up more easily.

Step 5. Do a little pom pom. I’m not going to take step by step but if you want any help I have an entire post dedicated to that. In the end, trim the pom pom until it gets a round shape you are happy with.

Note: I think a black pom pom would look savage but since I don’t own any black yarn – why?! – I used white.

Step 6. Cut an extra piece of cord and tie around the knot of the “legs” – that thing you have been doing until the step 4. Then with the help of a needle pass it through the centre of the pom pom and exit on the top.

Step 7. Add a lobster clasp and try tieing it a few times around crossing the pom pom each time. Don’t forget to pull really tightly on the first lap so the big knot gets inside the pom pom and stay covered.

Step 8. Then pass the needle next to the clasp grabbing every string and tie a double knot around it to secure everything in place. Trim any excess cord you might have and you’re done!

Now that I have the finished product in my hand I can see it with more string hanging out would look more similar to a tassel. Sorry, I think even involuntarily my mind keeps wanting to do tassel related things. Either way, I think this is a great DIY for giving a purpose to old beads. You just have to arrange a way to make them work together even if you own a box full of crazy bright colours and pastel all mixed up together.

Don’t forget to share with me if you try this DIY – or any other from the blog – and I’ll see you soon WITHOUT a key-chain craft.