Up the River We Go

Today I’m sharing my trip to the Douro River. I just stayed for the weekend and it’s for sure something to repeat! Truth be told I wasn’ too excited. Let’s be honest the river is surrounded by mountains and most of them are covered with vineyards. I thought it would be always the same landscape and it would become boring. I’m pleased to say I was completely WRONG!

Usually, my blog posts reach the 1000 words mark and I personally don’t think is too much. I’m not forcing myself it just happens. Although, sometimes we need to break the usual and keep things simple or in this case let the pictures talk for themselves.

The highest point of the whole trip was going up the river but checking out the viewpoints wasn’t a great surprise. It wasn’t part of the plan but since we had time to spare why not. The landscape is amazing, overwhelming, and stunning. I wish I was back there. You can see so far away that I could stay there for hours just admiring all that beauty. For sure the photos won’t be up to the real thing, but at least it would give a brief glance at the landscape.

I can’t think of anything more to say, except that I want to repeat. It was an amazing day, warm and no wind. Although, I wasn’t a big fan of climbing the dam. At some point, we had to cross one and if I was claustrophobic I would be screaming. That thing is HUGE, about 41 meters height and it takes about 20 minutes to fill up/drain out. Too much time for me to be “trapped” in a giant rectangle. Even tough, the view is so worth it.