12 Crafty Days: Snowed Ornaments

We don’t like to keep decorating the tree with the same ornaments over and over again, right?Although the ornaments can be expensive and it becomes pointless to spend that much amount of money in baubles when it could be saved or use for presents. Also, if you keep buying new baubles every year you’ll start to have a collection of old ones that will never get to see the light of day again.

I own about 4 sets of baubles in different colours from red, purple, gold and silver. Without mentioning the older bits and pieces that just appeared. Some offered by my grandparents and other I have no idea. Bottom line, I always try to decorate the tree differently every year and I don’t know how but I have been managing to do it. Although it gets to a point where I see the older ones just sitting there on the bottom of the box, sad and lonely, and suddenly I remember I still own a little bag of fake snow (shredded styrofoam) that could give a new look to the ornaments.

So this is the story of how this idea came to mind. I also want to say that you can use shredded paper or any other material that can easily look like snow. Now let’s get crafty.


Fake Snow
Old baubles

Step 1. Spead glue on the top of the bauble. It doesn’t need to be neat. Drop from above the fake snow until the bauble is covered. Give it a little tap to get rid of the excess and set it aside to dry. Repeat the process to every ornament.

Step 2. Let it dry for one day and then tap them lightly to get loose any excess material it still might have. And they are ready to be placed on the tree.

I love how by just adding a bit of shredded styrofoam can transform simple and old baubles into something new and cute. Now I feel really tempted to do the same with the tree. The only problem is when you have done is no turning back.

Merry Christmas!

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