In Review: Frozen Charlotte

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Author: Alex Bell     Publisher: Stripes Publishing   Year: 2015   Pages: 368

After the suspicious death of Sophie’s best friend, Jay. She made her personal quest to try and find out what really happened on that night. To do so, she must spend the summer vacations with their cousins in Scotland. The so-called house used to be an all-girls school that was shut down many years ago.
Dangerously surrounded by cliffs, ready to make the next victim, Sophie, Lilias, Cameron, and Piper take the opportunity to know each other better since the last time they were all together Lilias wasn’t born yet. Although Sophie has second intentions and Lilias knows what they are. She knows Sophie brought along with her another cousin. One that shouldn’t be there. The one that died.

When I finished this book and went to update on my Goodreads, it came up the first question ‘how do you rate this book’. I was still overwhelmed and had for sure the best time reading this book, so obviously 5 stars. But no, I couldn’t and for some reason, 4 stars are the highest I can give to this book. And now that I’m writing this review, it’s starting to make sense to me why I can’t give this book 5 stars. I still have a lot of questions in my mind that never got an answer and that is why I have to reread this ASAP. I need to try and find inside of these pages if my questions are really unanswered or if I miss anything.

Be prepared for a very mixed feelings review. Although if I’m planning to reread it soon, it also means the book wasn’t bad at all or else I wouldn’t bother going back inside once more. I never felt bored throughout this book. Not even once! Obviously, it wasn’t just drama it had down times but they were so rich that all of those moments brought something to the story. They weren’t just for you know something from a character’s life. Sooner or later that detail would be brought up again and would be connected with something else. I was constantly remembering something a character said or some thought. Nothing in this book is by chance. Everything has its purpose you just don’t know what it is.

I also love how the author makes us change gradually our opinion about such character without you even realising. Even though, if I remember correctly, it does have some contradictions. Nothing that you can’t look away but at this point, I’m starting to reflex on every detail I can remember about how the story developed. Although you do care for this characters. They conquer your heart and you start to be afraid that on the next page something bad is going to happen to them.

I think the best way to describe this book is an almost there. The plot was great, I loved the Ouija board on the phone – nice touch, very up to date – the frozen charlottes, the school, the classroom, and the song – super creepy. For me, the scenario and the back story was well built. But then the development of the story didn’t match my expectations towards the end. Also along the book, I felt that it should have had more story. It felt as if something was cut out that would make that scene richer and give more life to the story. You know, like that little detail, that extra description that would make everything more real, more authentic and scarier.

If I think back when I started reading this book, I for sure wasn’t ready for the final. It would blow my mind. But as you read it, you kind of start to become prepared for it. And that would be something I rather not have in this book. I wanted to be blown away and stop reading because a bomb was just dropped and I needed time to process the news. This kind of fell was what I was looking for.

The book does have a breaking point where instead of becoming scarier it changes for madness and violence. But you can still flinch with some descriptions. For sure the book wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. Truth to be told, I had to stop reading one night or I would start seeing death girls appear in the darkness. But overall, the story isn’t that spooky. If you can handle blood and murder on paper, it’s a nice read.

If you want to try and read horror for the first time this Halloween I highly recommend this book. Yes, it has scary bits. Yes, it involves death and hunted houses. But there are much more to the story than just strange things. There are characters you care about, a back story that gets you hooked up from the first moment and the urge to know what actually happened.

On other exciting news. This year was released the prequel for Frozen Charlotte called Charlotte Says and I’m so excited to get my hands on it. Probably it won’t answer some questions I have since the characters are different but I’m expecting it to focus on the Frozen Charlottes. I know Sophie, Jay, Lilias, Piper and Cameron’s story, now I want to know how everything started. How was the first time the dolls arrived at the school? And most importantly why they are hunted?

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