Instagrammers you Should Follow

This past weekend I took some time to clear-up my Instagram follows. It got to a point where I was following almost 450 people, and no one can see that many accounts and don’t miss out on someone. Since I usually don’t spend too much time scrolling down my Instagram feed and since they decided to change it from the chronological order, I want to minimize the great photos I would miss out. So I had to do the lamest task ever. I opened one by one and saw how was the account feed. If it pleased my eyeballs, I would keep it. I know it sounds superficial, but Instagram is where I go to find inspiration, so I want my feed to be all about pretty things.

While I was starting to regret the idea, I realized that a few of the accounts I didn’t have to open and see what they were posting because I already knew what they usually post. Then I realized they are the first person I would recommend to follow on Instagram if a friend asked me to. Therefore, you are my friend, so I’m going to break down my top favorite accounts that make Instagram my place for inspiration.

Just a heads up, I’m not a photography expert (clearly), so if my descriptions don’t make any sense, I’m sorry in advance. For me, they make sense and are the only way I can describe them.

The following Instagrammers are not in any order. So don’t think the first is more important than the last (or vice versa) because it’s not.



Carrie transformed the way I see photography. She can take standard everyday-situations and turn them into beautiful photos. I love the color treatment, and I wish to know her secret so bad! Also, she has a blog where she shares her life and much more beautiful photos. If you want a simple and lifestyle(ish) oriented Instagram, she’s the girl to follow.


Audrie Storme

She is also a Youtuber and blogger but the first time I heard of her was throw Instagram. Her pics are more of a darker shade but still have gorgeous pics. She has a bohemian style that inspires me to change my entire wardrobe. You can follow her travels and everyday life always with the same relaxed vibe.


Tarina Lyell

For interior lovers, Tarina is your girl. Bright and pale colors gracefully combine to create beautiful photos. So if you want to get inspired to redecorate your house and at the same time please your eyes, this is for you. She shares from bedrooms to living rooms, for adults and for kids that are so cute that would make you want to be a toddler again.


Sarah Van Peteghem

Sarah is an interior design blogger. Her photos usually have a black/grey and white scheme around them which gives me so much tranquillity – there aren’t much of colors popping out and screaming at you (if you get what I mean). For lovers of a (sort off) minimalistic and black & white style, you should for sure follow her.


Ana Markovych

I’ve just recently started to follow her but for sure my biggest inspiration I wish to photograph like that. She is a Ukraine Instagrammer and has a feed to DIE for. Her photos have some beautiful dark shades contrasting with whites ones, OMG. Plants or leaves are most of the time present – which is my favorite part – there’s something in the green leaf tones that happen me so much and can make an ordinary pic into to something much more pretty.


Jasmine Dowling

Blogger and hand letterer designer, she’s beautiful, talented and her photos are bright and colorful. She posts from her clothes to her workspace or even snippets of her work and process. So you never know what she’s going to post next but for sure is going to be beautiful. Also, if you want people that use Instastories, she is great at it. Usually, the Instastories are not gracious, but she can make it beautiful, simple and realistic.