Not another Tassel Key-chain

I can’t think of another title for this post. What can I say? This really is another tassel key-chain DIY. If you don’t a understand what I’m talking about, see last week’s post. I have a sudden obsession over tassels, and I couldn’t let it pass by without getting creative with it. Although, my inspiration, this time, didn’t come exactly from Pinterest.

This started when I was scavaging through my beads and jewellery collection (that I no longer use) to try and find something I could use when I spotted an old bracelet. It was broken, and I was supposed to fix it for more than five years ago. Let’s face it, at this point I might find a new purpose for it because it will never be a bracelet again. And then it hit me, why not make this DIY about recycling old jewellery?


Sewing Thread
Embroidery Needle
Needle threader
Clear Beading Cord – I have no idea what size it is but fits perfectly on the crystals
Jump Rings
Chain nose plier
Old Jewelry beads – mine was Raw Amethyst crystals

Step 1. Start by rolling the sewing thread around your hand a few times. Then take it off and tie a piece of string to one side and cut open the other.

Step 2. Grab another piece of thread and roll it around the tassel. I tried to spread the strings a bit to make the head more uniform, but that’s up to you to decide. Then tie it to secure everything in place and trim it to make it even.

Note: I wasn’t sure about the colour that would go better with the crystals, so I did four of them. I compared them side by side, but I still don’t know if I made the best choice. I mean, I love the burgundy, but I don’t feel it quite goes with the purple, and of all the light grey/silver is my least favourite.

Step 3. Grab a piece of beading cord and your needle and tie a knot at one end. Then pass the needle through the middle of the tassel. And then across the head of the tassel and exit out to the top again. This is just to make sure the cord won’t go away.

Step 4. In my case, the bracelet had a few gold beads that were perfect to make the transition from the tassel to the crystals. In the end, I think they look amazing if the jump ring and the key ring are gold as well.

Step 5. Time to add the crystals. I used 10 because I didn’t want to make it to big but it depends on you and, on the size of your beads.

Note: None of my embroidery needles could fit through the holds on the crystals, so I had to use a needle threader. I want you to know that you have this two options to add beads. For sure using the needle is more comfortable and easy but when you got to solve it by yourself, the threader is perfect. Also, make sure that the cord you are using can fit through the holes.

Step 6. Tie a knot to secure everything in place and add the jump ring. Mine was too small, and it was hard to work with. Finish with a double knot around the ring and cut any excess string you might have. Close the jump ring to make sure nothing goes away.

Now it’s ready to add to your key ring or another key-chain. But that is up to you. My work here is done! Hope you have an amazing weekend while I get back to my readathon.