12 Crafty Days: Decorating the Office

Merry Christmas, Happy Blogmas!! We are back on the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas music blasting from the speakers, the shops are fully decorated, the fire is cracking and the TV only streams Christmas movies. It’s the best. I can’t even believe today is the first day of The 12 Crafty Days aka blogmas. As I said before in my announcement post, today won’t be a craft, instead of a little walk through what I have done to decorate my office for this special occasion.

For the first time, I have a tree of my own to keep me company on the working days and keep my Christmas spirit up. I must say it matches my height. Also, I have two special DIYs to decorate it. The Snowed Ornaments, which are so cute and easy to do, and the Gifts. They might seem regular presents but in fact, you can use the boxes after to store every Christmas decoration. This idea came to me after all these years seeing my Christmas tree empty for days. I don’t know about you but for me, a tree feels naked if the bottom isn’t covered with presents. So why not wrapping empty boxes to act as decoration?

The last bit is my shelves. I love them so much and it’s the wall on my office that is closer to be finished and exactly how I want. Despite, store my craft supplies it’s also decorated with beautiful book covers. I have my Roth shelf, my pretty/manga/drawing shelf, a reading shelf, a TBR shelf with my doggy guardian, the Christmas TBR, and the pocket edition shelf. It keeps growing every month with leaves me so happy.

On the top, I have my guardian VESI my giant teddy bear. His name came from the initials of my friends’ names that gave it to me and he wears underpants! I probably should get him a Christmas’ ones so he can keep up with the holidays. Next to him are my new four acquisitions, the Snowman. This was one of the funniest DIYs I’ve ever done. I had so much fun giving each one of them a face and a personality. I haven’t had the opportunity yet but I want to buy a little Santa on a slay to keep company to the snowman. Although I like to craft it’s also nice to take advantage of the beautiful things you can find in shops around this time of the year. The blue tree is actually a DIY I did last year (you can find it here).

From the left to the right: McSmiley, Goofy he is the funniest of them all always laughing and making pranks. If someone throws a snowball at you is highly probable it was Goofy. Then is McGrumpy my favourite. He is in fact always grumpy because he’s cold. I mean he is a snowman so is kind of pointless to be upset all the time for being cold. It’s not like he can stay by the fire. Lastly, is Rudolf. His nose is not red but is the biggest of them all. If Santa would need any help I’m sure Rudolf would be great to help him land the slay. I know the names could be better although it best describes they personalities.

To cover both shelves from end to end I did a 3D Snowflake garland, for sure the one that took me more time since I don’t own a Cricut. Santa if you can hear me, how about one under my tree this year?? Although my first intention was to attach it to the window or on the lamp as if it was actually snowing, they also look great on the shelf. It would be best if it was in another colour, oh well, they still look so nice.

This is all for now, there is at least one more garland to decorate my shelf but it will come after this one. All the other DIYs are going to remain a secret for now. Hope I get you inspired and happy decorations!

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