12 Crafty Days: Simple Christmas Village

I’ve always liked miniatures, but there is something in tiny paper Christmas villages that make them so sweet and adorable. For the past two years, I’ve been dribbling over Pinterest to thousands of pictures of them and wishing to make some. Today is the day! Some people go full on dedicated to making them beautiful and incredibly detailed which is so worth the effort, although I just wanted to save time and make them as simple as I could without losing the cuteness.

I got mostly inspired by Delia Creates advent houses since they are so adorable and the proportions seem exactly how I want. When it comes create these type of things, the proportions and the placement of the windows and doors are what creates the harmony and makes us sight on how adorable they are. After 4 years studying architecture, I’ve learned that everything as it’s own place and purpose, which also includes decoration and aesthetic. You don’t place windows randomly, they might seem random but they aren’t. Although this DIY is much more simple than that. It’s just a couple of alignments thrown on a piece of paper.

I just made two different houses but could have done every single one differently, but my point is to save time and keep it simple. Despite switching the placement of the windows and doors, I also wanted to make them in different heights. Since I’m not building any landscape to go with it, the best way to accentuate the difference between the houses would be by the height. Both started as a cube with 5 cm. One had the roof on top making it taller and the other one created the size of the cube with the roof on. So it’s smaller and also cuter.


White Cardstock 250 g/m2
Hobby Knife

Step 1. Print out the template and cut everything out. Don’t forget to also cut the windows and the door. With the help of a ruler, fold in every side of the house and also the tabs.

Step 2. Add glue on the side tab to place the house together. Fold the roof piece in half and apply glue only on one side of the tabs. Try to keep the same margins on either side of the house and glue it. Do the same on the other side.

Step 3. Repeat the same process for all the houses.

There are so many ways you can use this DIY for as ornaments, advent calendar, decorating the mantelpiece and even for the Christmas table. I want to place some lights inside because it looks gorgeous, although I still have to buy some of those fake little candles. And also do a shorter version of the snowmen, since the ones I made have the same height as the houses. Maybe next year I bring my A game and create a modern Christmas village. For sure won’t be as easy as this one!

Merry Christmas!